Zhou Xing (チャウシン, Chau Shin) is a member of Team Wang Hu Zhong in the anime and manga series,Beyblade: Metal Masters. His Beyblade is Poison Virgo ED145ES.

Zhou Xing
185px-Zhou Xing
Japanese チャウシン
English Translation Chau Shin
English Dub Name Zhou Xing
Age N/A
Gender Male
Occupation Blader



Anime: Manga:

  • Virgo ED145ES:**Poison Virgo ED145ES:


First Appearance (Anime) Episode 59
First Appearance (Manga) Chapter 23
Beyblade Listing - C


He has blueish greyish eyes. He has redish brownish hair. He wears a teal shirt with yellow crests on the shoulders. His shirt also has a buttons on it. Under his shirt is a black shirt. He wears blue wrist bands. He wears a brown belt with yellow ovals on it. Also he wears a blue belt on top of that. He has tan skin. He wears white pants and black boots.


Zhou Xing is a star of amongst Chinese girls. He is always followed by his group of fangirls who cry at each of his moves, and he occasionally signs autographs for them. This popularity has given him an overly high confidence, and when Masamune almost defeats him on their first battle, that makes him change his mind to get more focused. However, he still loses on their next encounter, and that loss really makes his perception vary. He is the one to cheer his team up after they were beaten by the Japanese team reassuring them that everything was alright, that it was just an experience.


Virgo ED145ES: is Zhou Xing's first Beyblade in the manga and anime.

Poison Virgo ED145ES: is Zhou Xing's second Beyblade in the anime.

290px-MFB Maiden
Japanese おとめ
English Translation Otome
English Dub Name Virgin (English dub: Virgo)
First Appearance (Anime) Episode
First Appearance (Manga) Chapter