Busujima (毒島, Busujima) is one of Dark Nebula's henchman from the Metal Fight Beyblade manga. In the anime version, he is not affiliated with Dark Nebula and instead he is the leader of a local gang.

Japanese 毒島
English Translation Busujima
English Dub Name Busujima
Age 12-13
Gender Male
Occupation Blader



Escolpio WD145B***Rock Escolpio T125JB

First Appearance (Anime) Episode
First Appearance (Manga) Chapter 3
Beyblade Listing - Category

Busujima has spikes on his hair like a scorpion and wears a black half-sleeve T-shirt type coat with some large spikes on its shoulder. He has blackish-peach skin and usually has a evil smile on his face. He too is a part of the Dark Nebula Organization and also is a bad guy in the anime and manga.



He has a evil personality. He is always thinking of destroying the opponent. Although he has his strong Rock Scorpio he is not able to win most of his battles. He is seen in dark places like construction sites.


Not much is known about his history, but he and Sora have a bitter rivalry in the anime.




Busujima in the mangaBusujima is after Gingka's Pegasus. He does not hesitate to launch his beyblade at him while Gingka is sleeping. Unfortunately, he is stopped by Hokuto, and while he did beat him, he was later defeated by Gingka. He is a subordinate of Dark Nebula, but, after his loss, Ryuga just stepped on him as if he never existed. Later, at the Battle Blader tournament, Busujima was extremely overconfident and was mocking the other beybladers. He even smashed Kenta's Sagittario by stepping on it.


Escolpio WD145B: is Busujima's Beyblade in the manga.

Rock Scorpio T125JB: In the anime, Busujima's first Beyblade is Rock Scorpio T125JB. ( JB means Jog Ball.It helps in gripping rough surfaces with the help of the spiked bottom, do not be confused and call it jagged ball.)

Beast/Finishing Moves[2]EditEdit

The beast in Scorpio is Scorpio[3]Busujima in the video game.
Deathstalker: Busujima's finishing move in the Metal Fight Beyblade DS Deathstalker (デスストーカー,desusutaakaa)
Poison Drive: Busujima's finishing move in the Metal Fight Beyblade anime, where his beyblade rapidly attacks the enemy while the fusion wheel changes to a attack type.


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