Aguma is a character that appears in the anime and manga series, Metal Fight Beyblade 4D. He is one of the Legend Bladers. His Beyblade is Scythe Kronos T125EDS.

Japanese N/A
English Translation Aguma
English Dub Name N/A
Age N/A
Gender Male
Occupation Legend Blader



Scythe Kronos T125EDS*

First Appearance (Anime) N/A
First Appearance (Manga) N/A
Beyblade Listing - Category


Aguma has black spiky hair with large eyebrows and purple eyes. He appears to be very muscular and wears a large purple tee-shirt with yellow highlights. He wears yellow bandage-like object on his arms with brown gloves cut for the fingers to be exposed. He also wears a brown belt.


Scythe Kronos
Number: BB-113 (Japanese)
Owner: Aguma
Face Bolt Kronos
Energy Ring Kronos
Fusion Wheel Scythe
Spin Track T125
Performance tip EDS
First Appearance (Anime) 4D010 (Cameo), 4D011(Official)
First Appearance (Manga) Ultimate Bladers, Chapter 3
Type Stamina

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